Departments N-Z

  1. Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

    Learn more about the Office of Emergency Management of East Orange and the services it provides.

  2. Office of Public Information

    Find out more about the purpose of and services provided by the Department of Public Information.

  3. Office of the Mayor

    A proud resident of East Orange’s First Ward, Lester E. Taylor III, was sworn into office as the 13th Mayor of the City of East Orange.

  4. Police Department

    View the East Orange Police Department page.

  5. Policy, Planning, & Development

    Gather more information about the Policy, Planning, and Development Department of East Orange.

  6. Procurement

    The central mission of the Division of Procurement is to provide the highest quality of goods and services needed by all city departments in a timely basis, and at the lowest possible price.

  7. Property Maintenance

    The mission of the Department of Property Maintenance is to promote the appreciation, preservation and revitalization of East Orange’s properties, communities and landscapes.

  8. Property Taxation

    The vision of the Department of Property Taxation is to be exemplary, with a reputation for delivering consistent, impartial, true, fair and equitable assessments of all real properties located in the City of East Orange.

  9. Public Safety

    Discover the Public Safety Department of East Orange and learn more about the services provided by the Police and Fire Departments which are part of it.

  10. Public Works

    Have a look at the East Orange Department of Public Works and learn more about the services that they provide to the residents of the city.

  11. Recreation & Cultural Affairs

    The Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs seeks to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the City of East Orange by providing and maintaining safe, quality and affordable recreational activities, as well as culturally enriched programs to residents of all ages and abilities.

  12. Senior Services

    Access Senior Services registration, information about the Home friend Program, as well as the mission and purpose of the Senior Services Division.

  13. Tax Collection & Licensing

    The Tax Collection office is responsible for collecting tax bills and licensing applications. Access forms, applications, and a portal to pay your property tax online.

  14. Water Department

    The Water Department is committed to providing quality water and wastewater service to East Orange. Access contact information, services provided, and billing information.