Hurricane Awareness

Hurricanes can be dangerous, generating high winds, torrential rain and tornadoes and causing death, injury and costly property damage. It is never too late to begin preparing for the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs for 6 months, from June 1 through November 30.

Be prepared now and learn what to do before a hurricane strikes, how to stay safe during the event, and where to find help when you need it.
  1. After the Storm

    Check out tips on what you should do or be doing after the storm has passed.

  2. Be Prepared & Have a Plan

    Being prepared and having a plan often means the difference between life and death during weather events like hurricanes.

  3. Evacuation

    Gather information about what to do if an evacuation is ordered during or before a hurricane event.

  4. Hurricane Scale

    Review a listing of the categories of hurricane, and learn how a storm's category is determined.

  5. Inland Flooding

    Learn more about the dangers of inland flooding and what you can do to stay safe when it occurs during a hurricane event.

  6. Terms to Know

    Become familiar with storm-related terminology for improved awareness of conditions and developing storms.

  7. Tropical Storm Classifications

    Find out how tropical storms are classified, and learn about the definition of hurricanes in specific.

  8. Understand the Warnings

    Examine a list of differences between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning, as well as tips on what should be done during both.

  9. Weathering the Storm

    Observe some tips and tricks for weathering hurricanes from your home, at work, and what to do if the winds get stronger.