Preparedness Tips & Techniques

  1. Cold Weather Health & Safety Tips

    Exposure to cold can cause life-threatening health conditions; check out some helpful tips from the Office of Emergency Management for staying warm, heating your home, clearing away snow and ice, and more.

  2. Emergency Information for Businesses & Schools

    Gather more information about what business owners and staff, and school faculty and staff should know an do during emergency situations.

  3. Emergency Preparation Toolkit for Kids

    Preparing for emergencies is something the whole family and community can do together! Help children remember important information, and create a family emergency kit and plan. These steps will go a long way in keeping children safe and secure.

  4. Heat Emergency

    Check out some helpful information on what you should do if the weather is extremely hot.

  5. High Rise Fire Safety

    Recent fatal fires in high rise structures have prompted Americans to rethink fire safety. Discover the keys to fire safety for those who live and work in these special structures.

  6. Hurricane Awareness

    Access useful information regarding hurricanes to establish and maintain a potentially life-saving awareness of this dangerous weather event.

  7. Personal Disaster Kit

    One of the most important parts of your family disaster plan is the preparation of a disaster supplies kit.