1. Building

    The Building Division is responsible for the administration, supervision, and approval of all applications for construction, alterations and renovations of buildings within the City according to the Building Code of the City of East Orange, along with the enforcement and compliance of Chapter 268, Zoning.

  2. Inspections & Code Enforcement

    The Division of Inspections and Code Enforcement is responsible for the administration of the Code of the City of East Orange that establish minimum standards governing the maintenance, appearance, conditions, and occupancy of residential and non-residential premises.

  3. Rent Leveling

    The Division of Rent Leveling maintains all relevant records, information and other data pertaining to landlord and tenant relations, in accordance with Chapter 218 of the City Code.

  4. Vacant & Abandoned Properties

    The Division of Vacant and Abandoned Properties is responsible for establishing minimum standards of accountability for property owners and/or responsible parties of vacant and abandoned structures in order to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City of East Orange.