Comprehensive Planning

Mission & Purpose

The mission of the Comprehensive Planning Division is to provide reliable information and advice to the Director of Policy, Planning and Development and the general public in order to assist them in making sound decisions about the growth and development of the City.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Comprehensive Planning Division collects and analyzes data and prepares planning studies relating to land use in the City of East Orange.

Additionally, the division:
  • Develops Planning related legislation and amendments
  • Maintain Planning maps and land use related records
  • Process Land Use Applications and administers Site Plan Review
  • Provides in-person and telephone customer services to the public
  • Provides staff support to governing bodies:
    • City Council Subcommittees
    • Planning Board
    • Zoning Board of Adjustment

Comprehensive/Master Plan

The division is also charged with preparing the City's Comprehensive/Master Plan as well as studies related to subsections throughout the City such as redevelopment plans.

Staff in the Comprehensive Planning Division navigates complex municipal land use procedures in order to ensure that all the logistics of planning in the City are legally and accurately complete.

View the Master Plan of East Orange

Fulfilling the City's Mission

The products developed in the Comprehensive Planning Division help to fulfill the City's mission of focusing on the future while working together to build strong neighborhoods, develop a sound economy, and provide a safe community.