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Posted on: January 20, 2021

COVID-19 Rental Assistance Still Available for EO Residents


East Orange, NJ, January 20, 2021: City officials have announced that rental assistance is still available for East Orange residents through the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Grant Program, which provides rental income to East Orange residents who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and are not already receiving a rental assistance or subsidy. 

Applications opened on August 24, 2020 and have been accepted on a first come, first served basis. This program is being administered in conjunction with community partners Isaiah House, the East Orange Community Development Center and NJ Shares. Eligible households, which may not make more than 80% of the city’s median income, will receive assistance of up to $3,500 or payment for up to three months’ rent in a one-time, lump-sum payment made directly to property owners or management companies that agree to not evict the tenant/household. 

PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING AGENCIES BELOW TO DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY AND TO OBTAIN AN APPLICATION. Applications submitted to multiple agencies will not be considered for award. Applications must be downloaded, completed and then submitted with all required documentation to be considered for review. 


Phone: (973) 678-5882 ext. 3020/Email: 


Phone: (973) 266-5347/E-Mail: 


Phone: (866) 330-5950, option 7/E-Mail: 

East Orange Pandemic Rental Assistance Income Guidelines 

The applicable income limits for determining program eligibility are published by the Housing Finance Corporation and are updated annually. The applicant’s gross monthly household income (for the purpose of determining program eligibility) shall be calculated according to the HUD regulations identified in the Code of Federal Regulations at 24 CFR, Part 5. Income includes gross wages, retirement, social security, disability, unemployment and any other resources or benefits received by household members age 18 and older. 

These guidelines are below: 

Number in Household 

(1) $54,950 

(2) $62,800 

(3) $70,650 

(4) $78,500 

(5) $84,800 

(6) $91,100 

The following documents are required and must be submitted for an application to be considered complete and eligible for review. 

Personal ID for the Applicant: Any unexpired government issued ID, valid student ID, Social valid driver’s license, valid passport, etc. The ID must belong to the person whose name and signature is on the application. If the address on the driver’s license does not match the residential address listed, additional proof of residence is required. For example: utility/phone bill, credit card statement, paystub, bank statement, and 1040 tax statement. 

ID’s for all Household Members: Any unexpired government issued ID valid student ID, valid driver’s license, valid passport. 

Documents to Verify Income: The East Orange Pandemic Rental Assistance Program requires proof of the last four consecutive weeks of income from the date of the application for all contributing household members. This includes paystubs, current unemployment determination letter along with proof of receipt of the past 30 days of unemployment benefit, Social Security statement or award letter for the current year, rental income, pension statement, alimony, child support, current bank statements showing identified direct deposits with name and address. If there are weeks entered with zero income, an explanation is required. Zero Income Affirmation is to be completed, signed, and dated by the applicant when there are adult household members without income. Please note that applications submitted without proof of income for the four consecutive weeks prior to application will be rejected.

- Unemployment: Current unemployment determination letter along with proof of receipt of last 30 days of unemployment benefit. 

- If paystubs cannot be produced: A letter signed and dated by the applicant’s employer verifying paid in cash and the total gross monthly income must be submitted. All employment letters will be verified. 

- Rental Income: If the client is a landlord, the current lease and a recent rental receipt within 30 days of application date.

 - Social Security Income: Award letter for the current year. 

- Pension Income: Copy of most recent check or letter verifying lifetime receipt of benefits. 

- Alimony and /or Child Support: Proof of Alimony and/or Child Support and payment frequency must be supplied. 

Applicants and/or Members of the Household with No Income: Must sign a “Zero Income Affirmation” Form. 

Proof of Residence/Ownership: Copy of lease or rental agreement. 

Copy of Notice of Eviction and Notice of Intention to Evict: If any of these have been issued, please provide a copy with your application. 

Information Release Form: Signed and dated tenant information release form to be provided to the applicant’s landlord. 

East Orange Pandemic Rental Assistance Program Consent Form (if applicable): Signed and dated consent form acknowledging the East Orange Pandemic Rental Assistance Program application submission and program parameters. 

Completed Signed and Dated Application: The applicant’s signature and date must be on the application. 

Agreement Not to Evict: Agreement signed by landlord agreeing to accept payment in arrears and not to evict tenant providing said arrears are paid by the East Orange Pandemic Rental Assistance Program. 

**Once the agency receives your email or phone message they will send you an electronic version of the application and send your landlord documents to verify your arrears and the landlord’s ownership. Payment of arrears will be made to the landlord.**


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